Joseph Maakar

Operations Manager

Joseph Maakar, an alumnus of Notre Dame University-NDU, Beirut, with a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, has carved a distinguished 5-year path in the construction sector. His journey began at RAFA Development in Lebanon as a Part-Time Site Engineer, advancing to a full-time position with Establishment Nazih Braidy for Engineering and Contracting in Beirut. His career trajectory saw a significant leap as he moved from Senior Engineer to Operations Manager at ASL Contractors in Lagos, Nigeria, underscoring his exceptional expertise and steadfast commitment to excellence.

Under Joseph’s leadership, ASL Contractors has achieved significant milestones, including the construction of the A&A Tower and two semi-detached mid-rise buildings, showcasing his proficiency in managing complex projects. Joseph’s dedication and leadership have been instrumental in enhancing Lagos’ skyline and advancing ASL Contractors’ success.  He is fluent in Arabic, English, and French, enhancing his capacity to lead diverse teams and projects across different regions.