Elie Slaiby

Supply Chain Manager

Elie Rony Slaiby proudly serves as the Supply Chain Manager at ASL Contractors since 2023. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the Arts, Sciences, and Technology University of Lebanon, Elie transitioned from his role as a Procurement Manager at Sabitech Lebanon, bringing over 4 years of expertise. His background, combined with his notable skills in negotiation and decision-making, has been instrumental in enhancing and optimizing ASL Contractors’ supply chain processes.

Fluent in Arabic, English, and French, Elie ensures smooth communication in diverse business scenarios. Outside of his professional realm, he is passionately drawn to diving, camping, and music, revealing a balanced blend of precision, adventure, and creativity. This unique blend of skills and passions positions Elie as a key driver of success in the ASL Contractors’ team.