Caleb Emoche

Human Resources Manager

Caleb Emoche Onoja joined the ASL Contractors family in July 2021, bringing with him a rich tapestry of experiences and skills honed over 12 years in the human resources field. His career previously flourished at Triacta Nigeria Limited and ITB Nigeria Limited, where he served as an HR Representative. In these roles, Caleb was renowned for his strategic approach to workforce management, his capability to nurture a vibrant company culture and his commitment to driving organizational excellence.

Educationally grounded with a BSc.Ed in Chemistry from the University of Jos, Caleb combines his scientific training with his HR acumen, resulting in a balanced, analytical approach to people management. His proficiency in English aids in fostering clear, concise communications within diverse team settings. A basketball enthusiast, Caleb embodies the spirit of teamwork and leadership, qualities that resonate deeply within his professional conduct at ASL Contractors.